Much-loved celebrity chef Maggie Beer has expressed outrage over fake ads using her profile to push CBD oil.

The ads show Beer endorsing CBD oil to treat aches and pains associated with ageing.

Beer has subsequently posted a video on Facebook urging her followers to take care and ‘check facts’.

Beer said: “It has come to my attention that circulating out there is a scam that is using my image and my name. Please, it has nothing to do with me. Take care, check facts and look after yourself.”

A warning on her website states: “Please don’t click on links or give any personal information or payment details to these people, they will take your money.” 

The scammers have also misused actress Olivia Newton-John and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk’s profiles. 

Newton-John posted on Instagram warning her fans about the scam: “FRAUD ALERT! It has come to our attention that there is a company online falsely promoting and selling a CBD oil they claim is ‘Olivia Newton-John’s CBD oil.”

Hawk posted: “To anyone seeing this nonsense on their feed: it is FAKE. I’ve never even heard of this company but their landing page is all lies and fabrications… complete with a ‘testimonial’ about ‘my’ product from Tom Hanks.”

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