Cronos Australia is closing its physical clinics and will undertake all consultations over the phone from April.

The move to a 100% telehealth service will achieve “significant” cost savings, while delivering “quality patient care and a highly scalable business model”, the firm said.

The three CDA Clinic locations will close by March 31

CDA Clinics’ three locations on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane will close by March 31, along with a dispensary, also on the Gold Coast.

Patients who were being dispensed medicinal cannabis products from that location will have their scripts filled by one of the other pharmacies on the CanView platform.

Staff impacted by the closures will, where possible, be offered alternative roles within the business although Cronos conceded there may be a “small number” of job losses.

The switch to an exclusively telehealth operation will impact relatively few patients, according to the business, with more than 95% of consults already taking place over the phone.

Cronos chief executive Rodney Cocks said: “As the market leader in Australia, we operate in a rapidly evolving industry that demands constant innovation to ensure we continue to serve our patients, prescribers, pharmacies and suppliers in the best possible way.

“Moreover, our transition to 100% telehealth will deliver significant cost savings and a scalable business model that allows us to consult with patients nationally, not just in the local clinic area.

“In line with these changes, the company is committed to investment in systems and human capital to continue to grow the business into the future.”

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  1. Nothing can replace direct face-to-face contact. So much might be missed. We are losing ‘the art, heart and soul’ of medicine. We might as well get the robots to conduct consultations, much cheaper and sooo… cost effective. All I can hear is business.

  2. I guess, from a business and comercial point of view, this works for the clinics. However, personally I am concerned about patient care. Nothing can replace face-to-face consultation. A lot might be missed. I believe that this approach, while convenient, might result in sub-standard quality care. This trend worries me.

    1. I believe you will still have access to a rapidly growing number of trained and authorised medical cannabis practitioners for face-to-face consultations across Australia thanks to the focused roll out of CanView 2 by Cronos.