UK-based wellness brand Manuka North and New Zealand firm Setek Therapeutics have joined forces to launch CBD-infused Manuka Honey in the UK.

Available online and via select retailers, the product will launch later this month. 

Setek CEO David Pearce said of the collaboration: “Manuka North’s dedication to producing the finest authentic Manuka Honey aligns seamlessly with Setek’s commitment to delivering premium CBD products. 

“Together, we’re introducing a product that embodies the synergy of two natural powerhouses, offering consumers an unparalleled approach to wellness.”

The UK market for Manuka Honey is worth around US$250 million.


Emyria has received valid applications from eligible shareholders totalling approximately A$1.18 million for a non-renounceable pro-rata entitlement offer announced last month

The firm, which was aiming to raise a maximum $3.1m via the offer, reserved the right to place the shortfall within three months of the closing date (September 28, 2023), subject to ASX listing rules and the Corporations Act 2001.

CEO Dr Michael Winlo described the “high level of support” as “a vote of confidence in our commitment to leading the evolution of mental health treatments highlighted by our focus on MDMA-assisted therapy and the Pax Centre acquisition.

Meanwhile, Emyria has safely completed first participant dosing for its MDMA-assisted therapy (MDMA-AT) program since the TGA descheduled the substance in July.

The company said: “This significant milestone is believed to be an Australian first for a private specialist clinic operating distinctively from academic centres or a public/private hospital.”

The move initiates both the active treatment phase of Emyria’s MDMA-AT program and the accumulation of real-world data to support further innovation and payer engagement.

Melodiol Global Health

Melodiol Global Health’s Canadian subsidiary Mernova Medicinal has recorded its third consecutive record revenue quarter, generating unaudited sales of A$1.85 million in Q3.

Sales were up 20% on Q2 ($1.55m) and 104% up on the previous corresponding period ($907k), bringing total revenue for the year to just over $4.95m.

The firm said the revenue growth was underpinned by orders from province partners for dried flower, pre-roll joints and electronic vaporiser products sold under Mernova’s ‘Ritual’ brand.

UPDATE (October 12, 2023): Melodiol’s psychedelics subsidiary, Halucenex Life Sciences, has reported encouraging early results from a Phase II clinical trial to test the efficacy of psilocybin on treatment-resistant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Five patients have undergone testing so far, with 80% of participants experiencing remission from PTSD symptoms following two doses of Halucenex’s synthetic psilocybin aqueous solution, Lucenex.

Patients also reported a 50% reduction in anxiety scores and a 57% reduction in depression scores from baseline to day 44 of treatment.

Results from an additional 13 patients are expected in the coming months.

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