Former Health House International medical scientific liaison and business development manager Irini Daniel has opened a new in-person, specialist pharmacy in North Strathfield, Sydney.

Daniel said Folium Dispensary aims to “revolutionise the patient experience by offering personalised and comprehensive care, while remaining cost effective”. 

The new venture has no preferred supplier agreements, with products sourced from “whoever can supply to us at the best price so that we can keep prices at their lowest for patients”, Daniel added.

Beyond medicinal cannabis, the dispensary also carries a range of natural therapies including vitamins, herbal/nutritional supplements and essential oils. 

Other services such as acupuncture, aromatherapy and nutritional counselling are available from neighbouring businesses.


Montu has named former Pharmacy Guild of Australia national president George Tambassis as a special adviser.

George Tambassis

In welcoming Tambassis to the firm’s advisory board, Montu managing director Christopher Strauch said he would “provide critical expertise to our business and the complex environment in which we operate”.

“Adding such deep understanding and insights into the pharmacy landscape in Australia as we continue to grow and expand our business will be invaluable,” Strauch said.

“We look forward to working closely with George as we push for governmental change in having medical cannabis treated the same as any other prescription medication.”

Tambassis added: “I am really excited to have this chance to assist in enhancing pharmacists’ knowledge of the benefits of medical cannabis.

“Through this advisory appointment, I look forward to continuing to contribute to this important work and improving accessibility, awareness and patient outcomes.”

Vantage Hemp Co

Colorado-based Vantage Hemp has obtained Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, certified for the production of medicinal CBD extracts, isolates and finished goods.

The firm said GMP certification “opens new doors for partnership opportunities”. In mid-2022, it signed a deal with Medcan to import its pharmaceutical-grade CBD into Australia.

Cann Global

Cann Global has been formally removed as a listed company after it repeatedly failed to lodge financial reports.

The ASX said the action was taken as the company was more than 12 months late in lodging documents.

Cann Global will need to start a new application with the ASX should it want to relist at a later date.

Sholom Feldman

In a statement, the ASX said the company “failed to lodge the relevant periodic report… for a continuous period of one year after the deadline lodgement of that document”.

The move comes 18 months after Cann Global voluntarily suspended its shares pending an acquisition. No deal has yet taken place.

Last week, managing director Sholom Feldman said the firm was working with new auditors to finalise its outstanding financial report and told shareholders it was in the final stages of due diligence with a third party ahead of finalising the terms of a transaction.

Feldman claimed official removal from the list made little difference to the company.

“There is no practical difference to us if we are suspended or delisted during this time as the ASX were asking us [to reapply] under the acquisition,” he said.


Inhalation drug-device firm InhaleRx has appointed company secretary James Barrie as an interim director following the resignation from the board of Dr John Crock.

Crock, who will remain an advisor to the company, is stepping back due to an increased workload at his surgical practice.

Barrie will remain a director until a replacement for Crock is recruited.

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