Recognising that unique skills are required to operate within the strict regulatory framework and security requirements of the medicinal crops sector, Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia (MCIA) has worked with Skills Impact and other industry participants over the past 18 months to address the need for skills standards for the medicinal crops sector. 

The project has resulted in the development of two qualifications, four skills sets, and 13 units of competency. The qualifications have been developed to reflect the roles of individuals who work in licensed medicinal cannabis facilities as cultivation technicians and in supervisory roles.

The qualifications, skill sets and units are available on the website and are available for use by registered training organisations (RTOs). The project details and training packages can be accessed here.

MCIA executive manager Rosemary Richards said: “The medicinal cannabis sector has some unique features due to the regulatory environment in which it operates. This impacts the employee pool, the required skills and knowledge of employees and the nature of production.

“Work needs to comply with regulatory and security requirements, combined with elements of agriculture, horticulture, protected crops and pharmaceutical systems.”

The training package includes:

  • Certificate III in Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Production developed to provide the appropriate skills for those who work as cultivation supervisors and technical experts.
  • Certificate IV in Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation and Production developed to support skills appropriate for head growers or facility managers.
  • Four skill sets developed to support categories of knowledge, skills and experience necessary for working in the medicinal cannabis industry, covering induction activities, cultivation, production and management roles.
  • Thirteen units developed to capture the skills required to grow medical cannabis, including skills and knowledge in regulatory requirements, security measures, propagation, plant care, maintenance, harvest and pre-processing.

Of the 13 units, three will be included in elective groupings of AHC20320 Certificate II in Production Horticulture (Elective Group C) and AHC21819 Certificate II in Protected Horticulture (Group E General electives).

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  1. I’m training in hort right now to work in the industry. What you’ve done here is cut me out of the industry with these training regs. Thanks. Thanks. Guess I’ll go find another career now.