Cannim’s high-THC Jamaican cannabis flower — sold under the HummingBud brand —  is now available to Australian patients via the Special Access Scheme.

Cannim chief commercial officer Stuart Marsh

The announcement comes only weeks after the company completed its first legal commercial export of Jamaican cannabis flower to Germany.

Cannim chief commercial officer Stuart Marsh said the company is eager to introduce Australian patients to Jamaican medicinal cannabis. 

He added: “We now have an ongoing supply of Jamaican cannabis flower legally available for prescribing in Australia, and we’re positive that it will be well-received by patients.”

HummingBud is processed and released in accordance with Australian Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards by Epsilon Healthcare at its Southport facility, a key factor in maintaining quality standards from farm to pharmacy according to Cannim chief operating officer Lachlan Cameron.

He said: “We’re producing a high-grade therapeutic product from GACP and GMP-compliant facilities, and it’s crucial that those standards are upheld through local processing. Any authorised doctor can prescribe HummingBud under the Special Access Scheme.”

Cannim plans to grow its portfolio of medicinal cannabis products for patients in Australia and other global cannabis markets. 

Hannah Adler

Hannah is a communications professional and early-career researcher in the disciplines of health communication and health sociology. She is a PhD student at Griffith University currently writing a...