Cannatrek is rolling out a major marketing campaign as it looks to provide easier access to medicinal cannabis products, including the offer of heavily discounted product for new patients.

The firm is taking out Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads as well as sponsoring editorial content in newspapers as part of the promotional push for its Cannatrek Access online consultancy.

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As part of its Access program, Cannatrek is running what it described as an ‘Efficacy Trial’ which tempts people interested in trying medicinal cannabis with half-price medicine.

Head of marketing Paul Schwartz — who joined the company in May to build and spearhead its marketing efforts — said it will use social media channels to “educate consumers/patients and healthcare providers”.

In addition to buying advertising space, the company has supplied sponsored written content for the Newcastle Herald as it looks to alert more people to the potential benefits of medicinal cannabis and to raise the profile of Cannatrek Access.

While a grey area in terms of the TGA’s advertising rules, educational content is permitted as long as it doesn’t stray outside of certain criteria set out by the regulator.

Legal sources told Cannabiz the content in the Herald could draw the attention of the regulator for being overtly promotional, insufficiently balanced and directing readers to the Cannatrek Access web portal.

However, Schwartz said he believed the campaign was compliant.

Steve has reported for a number of consumer and B2B titles over a journalism career spanning more than three decades. He is a regulator contributor to health journal, The Medical Republic, writing on...