The cannabis flower shortage that is impacting the healthcare of hundreds of patients across Australia will happen again until more local product becomes available, the chief executive of Cannatrek has warned.

As the Victoria-based firm released its first range of home-grown flower, Tommy Huppert said the ‘exponential’ surge in demand, coupled with crippling import delays from Canada and other Covid-related issues, have created the ‘perfect storm’.

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“It’s almost been a total wipe out,” he told Cannabiz.

The comments came after Cannabiz last week revealed how the paucity of flower is threatening to derail the health plans of many Australian patients.

Several posts on a medicinal cannabis Facebook group have expressed concern at the shortage, with patients scrambling to source suitable, alternative product.

Some patients reported being prescribed three different flowers, all of which were later found to be unavailable.

Additionally, it is believed the near-32% spike in SAS-B approvals in February – which saw the Therapeutics Goods Administration sign-off an unusually high 8,000 prescriptions – was partly due to doctors seeking reapprovals for alternative flower products after patients and dispensing pharmacists ran into supply issues.

Yet there is hope the situation could improve.

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