Cannatrek has entered into an exclusive partnership with Canadian-based cannabis research firm Strainprint Technologies to launch a tracking app for patients.

The myTrek app will help Cannatrek monitor the health and safety of its customers and deliver treatment recommendations, enabling it to more confidently produce the correct dosage of suitable strains to support them.

CEO Tommy Huppert said: “Doctors are obliged to monitor patients’ health when they prescribe medicinal cannabis, so patient feedback is a critical part of that process.

“Some medicinal cannabis strains work better for sleep, while others work better for anxiety and pain management.”

“We are still learning about the different cannabinoids and terpenes and their effectiveness in treating different illnesses in different people.

Cannatrek CEO Tommy Huppert

He added: “Optimising our production of the right strains for the right treatment is a crucial part of the medicinal cannabis puzzle. The more data we get, not only from our customers but from customers worldwide, the better we will be able to meet their demand with the best products available.”

Since 2016, more than 65,000 medicinal cannabis patients worldwide have reported two million-plus outcomes from more than 7,500 lab-verified products using Strainprint’s mobile app.

Anonymous Strainprint data has been peer-reviewed in medical journals for conditions including anxiety, pain, PTSD, migraine headaches, OCD and symptoms related to endometriosis.

Patients use Stainprint’s app to help medicate more effectively, while doctors, pharmacists and regulators use its accompanying analytics platform to monitor health and safety and make more accurate treatment recommendations.

Strainprint CEO Andrew Muroff said: “Our technology tools have always been focused on the medical side of the cannabis industry, which fits perfectly with the legal market in Australia.”

The firm’s existing data and research platform will enable Cannatrek to validate its products and learn from their use history in markets worldwide.

Cannatrek said the data “represents the world’s largest real-world observational study on medicinal cannabis”.

“It will provide unique insights for our whole supply chain and will allow us to learn about and improve our patients’ health journeys.”

The myTrek app, powered by Strainprint, is available free to patients in Australia on both iOS and Android devices.

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