Sexually active recreational cannabis users in the US have better, more frequent sex than non-users, according to a new survey timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Commissioned by MariMed, the Harris Poll of 1,967 adults aged 21+ found 50% of cannabis consumers have sex several times per week, compared to 35% of non-users, with 65% agreeing it enhances their sex life and 67% saying it helps get them in the mood. 

More than half (51%) said the plant was a natural aphrodisiac, with 30% ranking it above chocolate (16%) and oysters (12%) as a libido booster.

Of those polled, 763 said they consumed cannabis with significant THC levels, with 53% doing so at least once a week and 30% once a day or more. Preferred delivery methods were flower at 43%, edibles (29%), drinks and concentrates (both 9%).

Back in the bedroom, 76% of the cannabis-using cohort reported being sexually active, including 49% of those aged 65+. Among married cannabis users surveyed, 87% were sexually active, with 62% of those having sex at least once a week.

And it seems cannabis is even starting to compete with more traditional romantic choices as a gift on Valentine’s Day in the US.

According to the survey, 46% of users would be happy to receive cannabis as a present on the big day, with 63% of those preferring it to flowers or chocolate.

Parents are also getting in on the act — 71% of cannabis users with children in their household agreed it helps get them in the mood for sex, compared to 56% of those without kids.

The findings come after a recent observational study of 274 participants in Spain found frequent cannabis users reported better overall sexual function than their peers.

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