OnTracka has struck deals for the launch of a white-labelled cannabis tracking app and connecting portal that will see a minimum of 12 prescribing doctors adopting OnTracka technology to power their clinics.

Founder Chad Walkaden (pictured) said the move will give their patients access to the best health care in Australia.

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Under the arrangement, prescribing doctors subscribed to OnTracka Enterprise will be the first in the world to benefit from The Portal, the Sydney tech start-up’s second product. Prescribing doctors will encourage their patients to download and populate the app with data including dosage, side effects, exercise, mood and overall health.

The doctor will be able to access the data in real-time via the secure portal and use it to track the patient’s progress and inform their ongoing health care plan during consultations, improve compliance and safety around dosing as well as prescription management.

Patients will be able to invite other health professionals involved in their care to access their data to better inform their treatment recommendations.

Walkaden launched the OnTracka app in July to “legitimise cannabinoids into healthcare around the world”. It provides users with a safe, secure and easy way to monitor the progress they make with cannabis while collecting data to support their own health care plan.

Having spent the months since launch collecting patient data and refining the product, it will now be rolled out via a network of doctors and cannabis clinics, including Ananda Clinics that have adopted OnTracka to better support their patients.

Walkaden said: “Doctors will have real-time access to the inputs their patient is making in the app, giving them a high-level overview of the patient’s progress and data accuracy that we haven’t seen before”.

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