Cannabiz co-founder and chief growth officer Martin Lane speaks to travel futurist and founder of Carolyn Childs about the opportunities in cannabis tourism.

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Martin Lane, Cannabiz: Today I’m talking to travel futurist and founder of Carolyn Childs. Carolyn has spent more than 30 years helping travel and tourism businesses achieve their goals through research. So who better to talk about the opportunities in cannabis tourism than Carolyn? Welcome.

Carolyn Childs, Thanks Martin, it’s great to be here. Thank you for inviting me to talk about a real new frontier in tourism. You know, we tend to think there aren’t new experiences, but this is definitely a very exciting frontier area.

Martin: You’ve obviously been exploring new opportunities and future gazing into tourism in Australia and worldwide for some time.To kick us off, could you chat about some examples of cannabis tourism in other markets?

Carolyn: Probably the poster child for this and the one we all think about is Colorado. And what’s interesting for me about Colorado is how they’ve linked cannabis tourism to their broader persona, the natural assets, the beautiful location. Also a lot of good fun puns on the fact that a lot of destinations in Colorado are at pretty high altitude. So there’s lots of opportunities to riff off that kind of idea of being high.

If you’ve been to any of the major Colorado destinations like Vail, firstly, you are quite breathless because you’re typically up in the 3000-meter level, but you also have that lovely smell of cannabis. So they’ve really taken it and used it as a part of their persona to drive tourism. It’s a growing area. It’s still a little bit sensitive. I think it’s a good example of a market that’s created itself almost because there’s not a huge amount of promotion that goes on, but we are seeing numbers growing.

Martin: In terms of who the typical customer would be, for that kind of product, is it your counterculture hippies or is it mainstream?

Prior to launching Cannabiz, Martin was co-founder and CEO of Asia-Pac’s leading B2B media and marketing information brand Mumbrella, overseeing its sale to Diversified Communications in 2017. A journalist...