The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has confirmed it has no plans to follow the UK’s lead and slash the recommended daily dose of CBD, as Cann Group expressed surprise at the action of the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The FSA and Food Standards Scotland last week issued “precautionary advice” to consumers to limit their daily consumption of CBD to 10mg, down from 70mg.

The regulators warning of liver damage and thyroid issues associated with the long-term use of cannabidiol.

The TGA noted the change but said it had no plans to re-examine the 150mg maximum daily dose it has set for any future schedule 3 therapeutic product.

But it added that if sufficient new evidence becomes available “the TGA could review the maximum daily dose cut-off for cannabidiol in Schedule 3”.

The TGA also reiterated that there are currently no pharmacy-only products containing cannabidiol.

Meanwhile, Cann Group sells several products under its Satipharm range in British retail stores and is among the Australian brands which appears on a public list of approved CBD products.

Bod Science and Elixinol, through its partnership with British Cannabis, also appear on the list. None of the products have yet been formerly authorised by the FSA.

Cann Group told Cannabiz it was reviewing the evidence cited by the FSA which formed the basis of its decision to reduce the recommended daily dose from 70mg to 10mg.

“The decision was surprising,” a Cann Group spokesperson said: “We are looking at the data used as the basis for this decision and will contemplate a response once we have time to consider what is suitable. We will consider our position once we have had time to properly review [the data].”

While the decision could have implications for CBD sales in the UK, Cann Group said all but one of Satipharm’s products are 10mg capsules.

“The impact will likely be less than other brands,” the firm said, adding that it will “review customer reaction”.

Cannabiz has approached Bod Science, Elixinol and British Cannabis for comment.   

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