EXCLUSIVE: Three medicinal cannabis products publicly named by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as having failed to comply with required standards have been exonerated by third party analysis in a development that will increase pressure to produce standardised lab testing across Australia.

The disparity in test results will also concern the TGA which in September stated that five products were found to be stronger or weaker than permitted under Therapeutic Goods Order 93 (TGO93) regulations.

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A report published by the TGA had named two Althea products, and one each from Little Green Pharma, Spectrum Therapeutics and Bedrocan as those which “failed” its analysis.

But following third party testing, it now says the Althea and Spectrum products were within required limits with the other two only fractionally out.  

The disparity of the findings – and exoneration of some products – led to fresh calls for a standardised approach to lab testing.

It also led to renewed criticism that the TGA had been too quick to publish its original findings and to name the products and suppliers before they had a chance to properly respond.

The original lab analysis focused on whether the potency of the products matched that stated by the manufacturer on their TGO93 declaration.

TGO93 sets maximum upper and lower limits for cannabis product potency which vary slightly depending on the product type. For example, if a manufacturer declares that their oil product contains 100mg/ml of CBD, it must contain no less than 90mg/ml and no more than 110mg/ml.

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