Botanix Pharmaceuticals has announced it will soon begin a Phase 2b clinical trial to investigate the efficacy of its BTX 1801 synthetic cannabis product in treating bacterial infections over a three-month period of regular administration.

Recent data from a small Phase 2a pilot study of 22 participants has shown BTX 1801 might be effective in treating drug-resistant staph infections (Staphylococcus aureus) after five days of regular administration.

These kinds of bacterial infections are especially common in hospitals, and have become increasingly concerning as the bugs quickly develop resistance to anti-bacterial treatments.

Botanix will be focusing on patients with kidney disease undergoing haemodialysis, which requires patients to regularly have a catheter inserted through a large vein with central access to the heart. The leading cause of death for these patients is infection.

Botanix hopes to show that BTX 1801, when applied nasally, can protect patients from drug-resistant staph infections.

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