Bod Australia has entered into a collaboration agreement with Drug Science UK to assess the efficacy of its MediCabilis product in managing symptoms associated with the long-term impact of Covid-19 (Long Covid).

Long Covid happens when people experience symptoms of Covid-19 and do not fully recover for several weeks or months after the start of their symptoms. The more common symptoms include sleep disturbance, chronic pain, anxiety and fatigue. Currently, there is no treatment.

Bod’s MediCabilis is used to treat conditions including pain and anxiety and the company is confident it may be effective in treating Long Covid.

As part of the agreement, Bod and Drug Science will progress a UK-based clinical study to explore the effectiveness of prescribing MediCabilis to Long Covid sufferers. Protocol for the study, which is expected to start in the next few months, is still being finalised.

In the UK, it is estimated one in 10 people who test positive for the disease still suffer from symptoms 12 weeks later and one in five have Long Covid symptoms for five weeks or more.

Bod Australia CEO Jo Patterson: confident MediCabilis will help patients suffering from Long Covid

Bod Australia CEO Jo Patterson said: “While much progress has been made in the treatment of Covid-19, the effects of the disease are expected to continue into the foreseeable future and symptoms are likely to linger for many patients.

“This collaboration with Drug Science will not only strengthen the body of evidence for the use of MediCabilis, but also potentially address the growing unmet health concerns around Long Covid.

“MediCabilis is currently being prescribed for a number of chronic conditions and we are confident that this initiative will provide patients with a pathway to manage the effects of Long Covid and improve their quality of life.”

Drug Science was founded in 2010 by Professor David Nutt and is the only fully independent, science-led drugs charity in the UK. The group is focused on bringing together experts from a wide range of specialisms to provide an evidence base, free from political and commercial influence, to create the foundation for sensible and effective drug laws.

Bod has a longstanding relationship with Drug Science and was a founding launch partner of medicinal cannabis registry Project Twenty21. Project Twenty21 aims to create the UK’s largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medicinal cannabis.

Drug Science founder Professor David Nutt added: “Bod has a scientific approach that aligns well with Drug Science. We look forward to working with the company to further explore the benefits of cannabinoid based products on chronic conditions including pain, anxiety and fatigue.”

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