US-based company BioMedican has discovered a patent-pending process to biosynthesise a new class of rare cannabinoids called Sesqui-Cannabinoids

The company filed a patent last month and BioMedican is now producing Sesqui-CBG. In the next six months, the company expects to be able to produce Sesqui-CBD, Sesqui-CBN, Sesqui-THCV and Sesqui-THCA.

BioMedican’s scientific team has also successfully biosynthesised other cannabinoids including CBG/CBGA and THCV/THCVA.

BioMedican CEO Maxim Mikheev: “endless possibilities”.

While there is only one paper that describes the properties of Sesqui-CBG, there are several articles that note the presence of Sesqui-CBGA and Sesqui-CBDA in cannabis plants.

The therapeutic application of this rare cannabinoid is not yet known, but what is known is that it’s expensive to extract from plants. 

BioMedican’s biosynthesis technology uses yeast to produce bioidentical versions of the rare compounds found in cannabis using methods that increase purity and reduce production costs by 70-90% (versus extraction from plants).

BioMedican CEO Maxim Mikheev hailed the discovery in a media statement: “This has the potential to be the next generation of highly active rare cannabinoids. All our Sesqui-Cannabinoids will have a significant amount of the attributes that are found in CBD, CBG, THCV and THCA but will also have some different attributes that could potentially make them significantly better.

BioMedican is actively looking for research partners to help investigate the overall benefits of the Sesqui-Cannabinoids.

“The company is in discussions with several universities, and there seems to be a significant amount of enthusiasm regarding being a true pioneer within the scientific cannabis therapeutics sector of the market. Any time you make a truly new discovery it breaks down walls and creates an energy of endless possibilities,” said Mikheev.

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