Australian Natural Therapeutics Group (ANTG) has announced a major expansion of cultivation and manufacturing capabilities at its Brisbane facility having been granted approval permits by the Office of Drug Control (ODC).

After an 11-month process, the permits enable the company to cultivate an additional 1.5 tonnes per annum of proprietary flower, including new strains, and commence Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) of ethanol extractions for a range of products including oils, vapes, pre-dosed flower and pastilles (edibles).

It also further boosts ANTG’s capacity to export manufactured and plant-based products to the European Union and New Zealand – a move the firm described as a “critical step” in its global expansion – while allowing for outsourced manufacturing partnerships for services such as extraction, vape and oil filling and flower packing.

ANTG CEO Matt Cantelo

The company said the move will also create jobs in Southeast Queensland, particularly in cultivation and novel manufacturing. 

Executive general manager, pharmaceuticals Andrew Cormack said: “The approval of our manufacturing permits enables us to extract resin, produce distillates, and manufacture oils, vaporisers and pastilles.

“We are looking forward to expanding our expertise and capability in this area by offering contract manufacturing services. 

“I welcome the opportunity to discuss potential manufacturing partnerships to drive industry change and bring more capability onshore to provide Australian-grown and manufactured products to patients.”

CEO Matt Cantelo added: “With these latest developments, ANTG is not only poised to revolutionise the domestic market, but also to make a significant impact on the global stage.”

Dirk Sprangers

Meanwhile, the company has announced the appointment of Dirk Sprangers as technical services manager. Described as a veteran in greenhouse integration and project management in Europe and Australia, ANTG said Sprangers’ appointment  brings expertise in technical systems and innovative controlled environment agriculture.

Cantelo said: “Dirk’s passion for technology-driven agricultural practices and his commitment to producing high-quality crops efficiently and responsibly resonate deeply with ANTG’s ethos.”

Sprangers added: “I am eager to contribute to ANTG’s vision of pioneering in the field of plant-based medicines. My role at ANTG is not just a position, but a chance to make a real difference in the landscape of agricultural practices and medicinal cannabis.”

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