Althea has launched a CBD soft-gel capsule and an “ultra-high” THC dried flower in response to shifting dosage trends and to meet patient needs.

The capsule, the full spectrum CBD25, contains 25mg of cannabidiol and less than 0.25mg of THC. It has been manufactured by FoliuMed.

Althea said it will be suitable as an over-the-counter product.

josh fegan
Josh Fegan: looking to capitalise on the growing flower market

In a separate move, Althea has launched its first flower product, THC25, “to attack the fast-growing cannabis dried flower market”.

Two other flower products are also soon to launch although details were not disclosed.

The move into the flower market is a departure for Althea which has focussed primarily on cannabis extracts.

With dried flower products growing in popularity, the firm said THC25 has been introduced to “capitalize on this sizeable market opportunity”.

“The dried flower market is primarily driven by highly concentrated THC products, representing just over half of the total dried flower category,” the company said.

Managing director Joshua Fegan said the soft-gel capsules will be “very competitively priced” and meet a growing patient demand.

“We believe Althea’s soft-gel capsules will create incremental sales opportunities for the business, with market research clearly identifying this preparation as the most desirable choice of delivery format,” he said.

“We are equally excited about expanding our dried flower range. The growth of the flower segment in Australia has been significant over the previous 12 months and as the undisputed market leader in cannabis extracts, it is strategically important for Althea to have strong market share in the flower category as well.

“Althea’s brand awareness and reputation with doctors is second to none, and we expect that to translate into significant market share in the flower category within a short amount of time.”

Althea claimed a consumer preference survey found patients prefer soft-gel capsules to conventional solid oral dosage forms.

It added that “first generation” bottled cannabis oils “remain a challenge for patients with visual or dexterity impairments, taste intolerances and for patients residing in aged care facilities and hospitals”.

“Althea soft-gel capsules provide familiarity, convenience and confidence for doctors and patients, delivering precise and standardised dosing of the medicine,” it said.

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