Legalise Cannabis Victoria’s bill to legalise adult use will have its second reading in parliament today (Wednesday), with a debate planned for November 29.

The Regulation of Personal (Adult Use) of Cannabis Bill seeks to legalise personal consumption in Victoria, allow adults to grow up to six plants at home and possess up to 50g of the substance. 

Rachel Payne

It would also allow sharing between adults in a bid to reduce illicit drug trafficking by organised crime, but people aged under 18 would not be able to access or be supplied with the drug.

The move comes after Legalise Cannabis MPs introduced identical bills in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australian in June in a coordinated push to legalise personal use.

The bill will have its second reading in NSW, also on November 29, with WA to follow in early 2024.

In the three years to June 2019, LCV said more than 1,100 people were jailed for possession of cannabis in Victoria while in the year to September 2021, almost 9,000 people were charged with cannabis use and possession offences. 

The party said Australia spent more than A$1.7 billion on cannabis-related law enforcement in 2015-16, adding that since the introduction of similar reform in the ACT, arrests for low-level offences have decreased by 90% and there has been no reported increase in cannabis use.  

LCV MP Rachel Payne said: “We already have a cannabis market; it just happens to be an illicit and unregulated one that costs governments tens of millions in law enforcement and prohibition. Let’s pull the rug out from under the illicit market and achieve better public-health outcomes. 

“Victoria can be a leader in cannabis regulation. Regulation will stop the disproportionate negative impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians and young people, reduce harm, educate, and turn stigma on its head.” 

Fellow LCV MP David Ettershank added: “Our regulation bill is modest and will significantly reduce the burden on the criminal justice system. It is time to let adults be adults and grow and consume cannabis in the privacy of their own homes.”  

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