They’ve been at it again.

And this time they roped in Legalise Cannabis Party MP Jeremy Buckingham for a spot of mischief in the heart of New South Wales politics – Parliament House.

With a four-foot high fake cannabis plant in tow, cannabis activists Alec Zammitt and Will Stolk accompanied Buckingham through the corridors of state power – quizzing “Queen Sativa” in the upper house committee room as they did and vowing to “get her legalised as soon as possible” – before arriving in the MP’s office.

“I’m probably going to get into a whole heap of shit for this,” Buckingham says during a 24-minute long video of the stunt.

The plant now has pride of place on the balcony of Buckingham’s office – and potentially in sight of millions of TV viewers.

“The balcony is directly behind where the premier holds his press conferences,” Stolk said. “Jeremy said he’s going to make it a thing where he tends to the cannabis plant with a spray water bottle when these press conferences are taking place.”

Of the stunt, Stolk said: “People kept looking at the plant asking ‘is it real?’. It was a lot of fun.”

During the visit to Parliament House, which drew the curious attention of security guards, Buckingham told how his experience of cannabis started as a 14-year-old when his uncle showed him his cannabis crop in a vegetable patch in Tasmania.

“I was intrigued by the plant… cannabis was part our of community,” he told Zammitt and Stolk. “I’ll make this commitment. If we don’t have it [legalised] in three years’ time, I’ll smoke a joint in parliament.”

The antics of Zammitt and Stolk are part of a wider campaign to legalise cannabis and to highlight the inequitable drug-driving laws.

In April, the pair commandeered a fleet of military vehicles to raise awareness of the drug driving laws that continue to discriminate against users of medicinal cannabis.

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