Cannabiz editor-at-large Rhys Cohen unpacks the TGA’s decision to down schedule CBD.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has confirmed that clinically-proven CBD products registered on the ARTG will be eligible for Schedule 3 over-the-counter sale at pharmacies at doses of up to 150mg per day as of February 1st 2021. 

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This is a significant increase from the much-critiqued interim decision to limit the daily dose to 60mg per day.

The interim decision recommended an implementation date of June 1st 2021, which has now been moved forward to February 1st 2021. So not only have we seen the recommended daily dose more than double, but this decision will be implemented four months sooner than previously expected.

The surprising announcement has been loudly welcomed by many patient advocates, companies, and industry commentators. And there are good reasons to be excited, although there is still an uncertain and difficult road ahead.

Not just a dose increase

The 150 mg dose increase was not the only difference between the interim and final decision. 

As with the Schedule 4 prescription-only CBD entry, the cannabinoid content of these products must be at least 98% CBD. But Schedule 3 products will have the additional restriction of no more than 1% THC content. In light of the dose increase, this decision was made to avoid unintended intoxication with THC.

In a big win for common sense, the Schedule 4 entry for CBD was expanded to include CBD for not only human therapeutic use, but also for analytical and scientific research purposes. 

Rhys Cohen

As well as being editor-at-large at Cannabiz, Rhys is the director of Cannabis Consulting Australia, which provides commercial consulting services to various domestic and international cannabis companies....