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Michael Sassano

Michael Sassano

Michael Sassano is one of the most respected executives in the pharmaceutical cannabis space today. He was an early investor in the cannabis industry in the US; today he is celebrated in mainstream business and biopharma media as an international authority on developing large-scale cannabis infrastructures throughout the world and the most advanced pharmaceutical cannabinoid products. Michael is also widely respected for successfully predicting long-term cannabis market trends and movements, which he generously shares in many forums.

In the past, Michael worked with over 56 different companies and on 16 different major projects in the US. He is well known for leading a merger of the cannabis cultivation company he built and operated - Solaris Farms - with The Sanctuary. In four years, Michael was able to build Solaris out from a bare lot of land into one of the largest and most well-respected private double cannabis verticals in Nevada today. Michael remains on the advisory board of Solaris and will help advise the company with future mergers and acquisitions. He continues to build much-needed infrastructure in emerging states in the US,

Over the last few years, Michael has shifted focus to his role as CEO and chairman of the board for Somai Pharmaceuticals, a European pharmaceutical and biotech company centred on manufacturing in Lisbon, Portugal and distribution of EU GMP-certified cannabinoid-containing pharmaceuticals throughout the European Union and globally.

Somai emphasises scientific pharmacology applications with EU-GMP standards to deliver treatments to the endocannabinoid system, effectively and with consistency across all markets.

Taking with him the product development knowledge honed in the competitive American market, Somai is the largest and most advanced cannabinoid manufacturing facility across legal European markets producing medicine products and registered APIs.

Michael’s primary goal for Somai is producing the most advanced products with the most innovative delivery methods to create maximum bioavailability and healing for patients.

Somai is fast becoming one of the most recognised and well-developed pharmaceutical brands in the EU. As a global biotech player concentrating on cannabinoids, Somai has a unique pipeline of current and future products.

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