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Charles Kovess

Since 2012, as CEO of Textile and Composite Industries, Charles has led the commercialisation of the world’s best industrial hemp processing machine, the D8 Decorticator. To contribute to the global expansion of hemp, he is also the president of Australia’s peak industry body, the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance (AIHA), and is now on the board of the Federation of International Hemp Organisations.

He practised tax law for 20 years, then successfully changed career in 1993 to become Australasia’s passion provocateur. For the past 29 years he has provided services as a professional speaker, facilitator, executive coach and author. He helps people, and both small and large organisations, unleash passion to achieve world-class results, and enjoy life at the same time, while handling challenging situations.

He knows the pathways to discover passion and why it’s the game changer in most people’s lives. He firmly believes the adage ‘nothing great was ever achieved without passion’.

He earned the international distinction of certified speaking professional, the highest level of speaking qualification, and was national president of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Charles has written two books, Passionate People Produce and Passionate Performance.

He is the chairman of the Australian Institute of Comedy, a board member of the Kids Foundation and the Australian Cartoon Museum, and president of the Australia-Hungary Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He is the host of the Mind Medicine Program on TNT Radio and hosts the weekly Charles Kovess Show on YouTube.

He is the father of five children, aged 12 to 41.

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