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32 Chad Walkaden

Chad Walkaden

Chad is the founder and product CEO at OnTracka, the patient-focused data and research company that enables patients to participate in clinical trials and real-world data studies from their mobile phones. Prior to OnTracka, Chad was a forensic social worker who survived a life-changing four years that involved him overcoming a rare and aggressive stage four cancer.

Throughout these years of consecutive cancer treatment, he saw a trend resulting from the lack of clinical evidence on emerging therapeutics including cannabis and psychedelic medicines.

From these personal experiences, Chad started OnTracka and became an early mover in the global research market. He started testing the product with patients and prescribers while building out the necessary infrastructure for OnTracka to be a reputable CFR Part 11-compliant technology.

OnTracka is now at the forefront of a decentralised and inclusive approach to completing research and the company continues to be driven by Chad's fierce commitment to accelerating the validity of cannabis and psychedelics as legitimate medicines.

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