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Cate Faehrmann

Cate Faehrmann

As a Greens MP and drug-law reform spokesperson, Cate has worked tirelessly in the NSW upper house and the community for a more just and sustainable world. She is a champion for our wildlife, leading successful campaigns to protect koala habitat and stopping dangerous anti-environment laws passing the parliament.

As chair of the parliament’s powerful Public Accountability Committee, Cate led the inquiry into the John Barilaro trade role saga, and is determined to expose the government’s ongoing rorts and ‘jobs for the boys’ scandals.

One of Cate’s passions is reforming our antiquated and unfair drug laws. She’s fought for the right for medicinal cannabis patients to drive, and has introduced legislation to legalise cannabis.

Cate also gained international attention when, following the tragic drug-related deaths at music festivals in 2018-19, she chose to speak her truth about drug use, helping change the narrative around the nature and extent of drug use in this country.

Cate has a long history working with grassroots organisations fighting for the protection of the environment and social justice. She was previously the CEO of the Nature Conservation Council, a board member of the Environmental Defender’s Office, chair of Sea Shepherd and a founding Director of GetUp!

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